“Written prior to the Arab spring, this book offers a suggestive answer to a question some observers of the Middle East and North Africa have posed: namely, why have revolutionary movements failed to catch on in Morocco?” – The American Historical Review

“The Politics of Food in Morocco is an important, welcome, and fresh contribution to the literature on political modernity in the Middle East and North Africa.” – The Middle East Journal

A “groundbreaking and innovative study.” – Enterprise & Society

“In this meticulously researched and highly original study, Stacy Holden does for the urban citizens of Fez what Paul Pascon did for the tribesmen of the rural Haouz. She vividly documents the lives of ordinary people and shows how their needs and wants unexpectedly shape the structure of power in Morocco.” – Jonathan G. Katz, Oregon State University

“Gives voice to ordinary Iraqis, clarifying the experience of Shi’is, Sunnis, Kurds, Jews and women over the past century… offers raw history, untainted and unfiltered by modern political frameworks, interpretations, or opinions, representing a refreshing new approach to the study of Iraq.”
The Muslim World Book Review

“For anyone interested in learning more about American involvement in Iraq since 1990, Dr. Holden’s A Documentary History of Modern Iraq is a good place to begin.”
H-Net Review in the Humanities & Social Sciences

“Written in an accessible style to interest students and general readers as well as scholars, this history highlights the lives and perspectives of ordinary Iraqis of all ethnicities and religious backgrounds.”
Book News Inc

“Stacy E. Holden’s A Documentary History of Modern Iraq is a crucial contribution for those who teach about Iraq.” – TAARII Newsletter