Stacy E. Holden

Historian, traveler, writer

Hi, I’m Stacy

I am a Northeasterner—born in New York and raised in Connecticut–and have always been curious about the world. I
have spent twenty-five years traveling to Africa, Europe and Asia.

My writing focuses on everyday issues about the Middle East and North Africa. I aim to make this multifaceted and often misunderstood region of the world comprehensible to friends, family, students and colleagues.

I am presently working on a travel memoir that reflects on my myriad experiences living in Morocco, while tracing Edith Wharton’s journey to this same country 100 years ago

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A Seductive Desert Fantasy

A Seductive Desert Fantasy

I am in a plane heading to Casablanca.   Seated behind me, four compatriots loudly discuss their vacation plans across the aisle separating them.  I note three European-Americans and one Asian-American. I recognize something of myself in them. Like me,...